Fima & Hertz Lease: a success story


Together with UAB Fima, we cooperated in finding flexible means to ensure mobility. The main challenge we had to face was the regulation of the number of cars taking into account the turnover of UAB Fima personnel.


Hertz presented UAB Fima with an active vehicle fleet replacement plan and replaced cars at the right time. Hertz managed to reduce the average age of UAB Fima's vehicle fleet and the costs of vehicle repair and maintenance. Hertz ensured the safety of UAB Fima employees, and accordingly reduced the TCO of the vehicle fleet.


Hertz complied with the substantive agreement on fleet expansion/downsizing and timely optimization of vehicle numbers. The flexible conditions for the regulation of the number of cars ensured that when the demand for cars appeared, Hertz would promptly increase the number of vehicles to the required level. Hertz reduced the number of vehicles, thereby helping to avoid additional losses due to downtime of unused vehicles.

  • Client

    UAB Fima

  • Scope

    Engineering networks and systems

  • Vehicles

    Skoda Octvia, Skoda Superb

  • Number of vehicles


  • Service

    Operating lease

  • Sector


  • Purpose

    Reduce total cost of ownership.

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